Business Destinations - Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

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The historical and breath-taking desert-scape of Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, is set to open up for international tourism in the next three to five years, thanks to the crown prince HRH Mohamed Bin Salman, giving way for many business opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Located 300km north of Medina, and 110 km southwest of Tayma, the province of Al Ula is the kingdoms first city to appear on the Unesco World Heritage Site list. Known for its archaeology, history and ancient tombs, the location has been explored by Saudi Archeologists for 15 years, and is full of remains from different periods; with tombs dating back to the Nabataean period, and inscriptions from as far back as 1st century Islam. Unknown by the rest of the world, the crown prince has issued a Royal Commission to develop access roads and hotels, with plans to open up the area for tourism in the next 3 to 5 years.

The region is roughly an 18h flight from London to Al Ula (ULH) with 1 stop, and the currency used is the Saudi Riyal. With a small population of just 5,426, and a land area of 22,561 Sq. km, this major development means there are now many business opportunities opening in the tourism, hospitality, and construction sectors, making this province a worthwhile business destination for investors.