Business Destinations - Asturias, Spain

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NDA recently took a trip to the scenic region of Asturias; Spain’s best kept secret. Hidden away within the mountains, this quaint region is well known for its wild, picturesque coastlines and seaside fishing villages. The region is home to a range of amazing seafood delicacies and rich history; needless to say, NDA spent time exploring both.

Located in the north of Spain, Asturias is surrounded by the Picos de Europa mountains, which course 20km inland from the Atlantic sea. The region is well known for its Seafood, Cider, fishing, steel and coal mining, along with its natural landscape.

With a total population of around 1,034,960 and a land area of 10,576.3 Sq. km, Asturias is a largely hidden and little-known gem of a business destination. Its primary sectors for business opportunities are the metal and mining industry, and the agricultural/food industry


The province is easily accessible by flight; London to Asturias (OVD) airport by flight will take roughly 7h with 1 stop. Once landed, it is easiest to get around by car, and the locals are very friendly, though the native language spoken is Spanish. The currency used in the country is the Euro, and there many tourist attractions; towering cathedrals, Paleolithic cave art, breathtaking mountains, quaint fishing villages and large sunny beaches – making this region a lucrative area for many business opportunities. NDA enjoyed their visit immensely, and will certainly be returning, for both business and pleasure.