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NDA Global November 2019 Newsletter

Beirut Institute Summit 2019


On the 13th-14th October, Shk. Nadia Aldoseri had the pleasure of attending the Beirut Institute Summit 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

NDA Global October 2019 Newsletter

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The dvn


The Divine “The DVN “is a London -based initiative founded by Deena Al Dossary to showcase the many unique gifts of femininity. It can have many different looks, but its sublime energy never lies. Femininity is not just lipstick, stylish hairdos, and trendy clothes. It is the divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in your qualities of your capacity to love, your spirituality, delicacy, radiance, creativity, charm, graciousness, gentleness, dignity, and quiet strength. It is manifested differently in each girl or woman, but each of us women possesses it and is part of your inner beauty. As we like to say here in the DVN; “Sensitivity is Divinity”.

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